The Ryan’s

I cannot speak highly enough of how Tumi helped all my three girls with their Math, in particular my eldest daughter Ellie.  She thought that she was “horrible at Math”,


Sofia & Nicole

Tumi was extremely helpful because in the beginning, our relationship with Math was terrible but when he came, he helped us see a perspective in Math that we’ve never seen



Tumi is a good teacher and has helped me tremendously with Mathematics specifically helping me improve my understanding and marks associated with Algebra, Geometry, Transformations, 3D surface area and Volume,

South Africa


He helped me boost my Maths mark from 60% to 82% and because of him I excelled in Geometry and Algebra. He is an AMAZING tutor!

South Africa

Ntoetse & Nneheng

We are now comfortable to proceed with Mathematics and may even pursue Technology, Science or Mathematics at Tertiary level which would not have been possible had it not been for

South Africa


Last year I was really bad at Math, this year Tumi started and I got really good, he really helped me. I started getting all Proficient scores instead of approaching’s



Tumi made Math fun and easy to understand. He is very patient and helped me simplify difficult Math problems.

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