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According to the latest STATS SA’s General Household Survey, there are over 14 million school going pupils in South Africa of which about 13 million are Black African and Coloured.

Some of the problems negatively impacting learning in schools with few resources are; The poor quality of teaching, a shortage of books and study material, poorly maintained facilities, a high learner to teacher ratio and the list goes on.

Yes, there is a limited allocation of resources to help fund learners especially in impoverished regions but nevertheless, how do we make sure each child receives and engages in quality education in this world of instant gratification and mind you, ever rising living costs?

By aiding competent individuals with the use of technology.

We, at IGS Maths, provide short but in depth online Maths videos for grades 7 to 12 learners on a weekly basis, for free. This helps the learners keep up to date with their set work and review the material they didn’t understand during class by watching the videos, topic-by-topic in their spare and study times.

Even though there is a shortage of teachers the world over, there is free access to good teaching on our platform, take the journey with us and let’s explore the world of Mathematics together.

About the Owner

I was born in Durban, South Africa, but lived through most of my youth in Thaba-‘Nchu. So, like my father ke mo Tswana.

Social media was hardly a coined term in my day, let alone cell phones but the environment I grew up in enabled me to develop an insatiable appetite for academics and sports because I had the freedom to express myself in them.

It was a wonderful childhood.

However for some reason my perfect world began to unravel in my late teens. Long story short I endured several valley-of-dry-bone seasons where “trial after trial” was an understatement of exponential proportions, so to speak. Thankfully by faith, much prayer and instruction from wise counsel, events in my life gradually changed for the better.

I returned to the Tennis court after a 15-year hiatus, took up road cycling and golfers tell me that participating in the sport is also fun, time will tell.

Attending church, spending time with family and close friends are my support structures. Now and then I’ll read up on the latest in Tech and Finance, brainstorm business ideas inside my head or indulge in informative books and lifestyle magazines. The odd walk around the block never hurt but I prefer driving around the streets looking for an interesting corner to frequent but I digress.

I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Statistics, gained years of experience tutoring this awesome subject and I am a member of the South African Mathematical Society.

Honestly it wasn’t my initial plan to tutor, teach or share Mathematical knowledge but because of the dire state of affairs in our beloved country and by extension the continent, I decided to act and give of my gift so it can bear much fruit in people’s lives.

So, allow us to hold your hand while we explore this exciting and interesting journey in video format or in our writings from time to time. You’ll be transformed with strong foundation concepts and in-depth material to help improve your assessment scores and broaden your knowledge in Mathematics.

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